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Introduction to Computer Graphics

6.837 offers an introduction to computer graphics hardware, algorithms, and software. Topics include: line generators, affine transformations, line and polygon clipping, splines, interactive techniques, perspective projection, solid modeling, hidden surface algorithms, lighting models, shading, and animation. Substantial programming experience is required.

Fall 2011
Fall 2010
Fall 2009
Fall 2008
Fall 2007

Shape Analysis

6.838 offers an introduction to mathematical, algorithmic, and statistical tools needed to analyze geometric data, with applications to computer graphics, computer vision, medical imaging, machine learning, architecture, and other fields. Potential topics include: applied introduction to differential geometry; discrete notions of curvature; PDE on geometric domains via the finite element method (FEM) and discrete exterior calculus (DEC); computational spectral geometry; correspondence and mapping; metric geometry; level set methods; descriptors; shape collections; and vector field design.

Spring 2017

Advanced Computer Graphics

A graduate level course investigates computational problems in rendering, animation, and geometric modeling. The course draws on advanced techniques from computational geometry, applied mathematics, statistics, scientific computing and other. Substantial programming experience required.

Spring 2008
Spring 2007
Spring 2006
Spring 2005
Spring 2004
Advanced Computational Photography

Computational photography is a new field at the convergence of photography, computer vision, image processing, and computer graphics. Fundamentals and applications of hardware and software techniques, with an emphasis on software methods. Provides sufficient background to implement new solutions to photography challenges and opportunities. Topics include cameras and image formation, image processing and image representations, high-dynamic-range-imaging, human visual perception and color, single view 3-D model reconstruction, morphing, data-rich photography, Super-resolution, image-based rendering.

Spring 2011
Spring 2010
Spring 2009
Spring 2008