2004 Publications


Example-Based Control of Human Motion
Eugene Hsu, Sommer Gentry, Jovan Popović
Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA), 2004, pages 69-77

Flash Photography Enhancement Via Intrinsic Relighting
Elmar Eisemann and Frédo Durand

Deformation Transfer for Triangle Meshes
Robert W. Sumner, Jovan Popović
ACM Transactions on Graphics 23(3) (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2004), pages 399-405

Experimental Validation of Analytical BRDF Models
Addy Ngan, Frédo Durand, Wojciech Matusik
Technical Sketch, SIGGRAPH 2004, Los Angeles, California, August 2004

Density Measure for Line-Drawing Simplification
Stéphane Grabli, Frédo Durand, François Sillion
Proceedings of Pacific Graphics 2004

Programmable Style for NPR Line Drawing
Stéphane Grabli, Emmanuel Turquin, Frédo Durand, François Sillion
Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2004

An Efficient Hybrid Shadow Rendering Algorithm
Eric Chan and Frédo Durand
Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2004

Normal Improvement for Point Rendering
Thouis Jones, Frédo Durand, Matthias Zwicker
IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, July/August 2004, pages 53-56

An Interactive Artificial Ant Approach to Non-Photorealistic Rendering
Yann Semet, Una-May O'Reilly, Frédo Durand
GECCO'04: Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference
Also in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 3102, Jan 2004, Pages 188 - 200

Spherical Harmonic Gradients for Mid-Range Illumination
Thomas Annen, Jan Kautz, Frédo Durand, Hans-Peter Seidel
Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2004